Our Process

Our Process

  1. – Invitation – Angel investors and Startups are invited to participate in Pak Angels facilitation process. Startups are reviewed per stringent criteria to be presented to Angel Investors.

  2. – Due Diligence – Due diligence is conducted by Pak Angels to evaluate selected startup’s business model, financials, management team, and market potential, and short reports are created to be reviewed by Angel Investors.

  3. – Negotiation and Investment – The angel investor decides to move forward with the investment, they will typically negotiate the terms of the investment, including the amount of equity they will receive in exchange for their investment, and the investment is made through convertible note or equity investment.

  4. Monitoring – Pak Angels platform facilitates periodic reporting to be provided by the invested startups, for Angel Investors review.

  5. – Exit – The angel investor will typically seek to exit their investment, either by selling their equity to another investor or through an IPO or acquisition. This can provide a return on their investment and allow them to reinvest in other startups or projects.