About Us

What is PakAngels?

PakAngels is a non-profit, formed by a network of overseas Pakistanis, with a vision of a socially and Economically Prosperous Pakistan through Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

What is PakAngels Goal?

To accelerate the growth of the knowledge economy in Pakistan by leading the innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem, while connecting stakeholders and creating socioeconomic prosperity in an equitable and sustainable manner. To achieve its goal, PakAngels.


All stakeholders, including Academia, Business/Industry, Government, Overseas Pakistanis, on-ground experts, and relevant organizations, into an effective partnership, enhancing individual potential into collective opportunities. 


A cohesive system to drive and manage technology science parks and innovation-related areas while providing national-level connectivity to increase collaboration between different cities ensuring underserved communities have an affordable access to opportunities.


Communities, academia, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and businesses with a mindset to innovate for both local and global needs while following world-class quality standards and operational practices.


Overseas and Local Pakistanis to invest in early-stage startups primarily focused on Pakistan.


A platform for early-stage qualified startups to receive initial financial investments.


A Countrywide Culture of Startups for Socially and Economically Prosperous Pakistan through Innovation and Entrepreneurship.


Empower a person or a startup with a good qualified idea and passion to make it real into a successful business, for a prosperous Pakistan.

Allow Overseas and Local Pakistanis to invest with at least $5000+ starting 2022 through LLC, and $500+ in future through crowdfunding.

Enable early-stage startups with a right team, training, business model and pre-seed funding with a stringent selection criteria.

Funding 10+, 50+, 300+ early-Stage startups by end of 2023, 2025, and 2030 respectively.